Calimshan, the empire of sand, is a vast, arid land of magic and wonder. Founded by the Djinni, it has stood in some form or another for nine millenia. Status in Calimshan is measured not in wealth in and of itself but in the ability to live comfortably in that wealth. As such laborers and adventurers are looked down upon. Wealthy Calishites willingly pay for slaves or magical items to do even the simplest tasks for them. With little arable land, Calimshan is dependent upon trade for both food and the opulent lifestyles of the rich. The ports are never quiet. Caravans make the treacherous journey  between Memnon and Calimport through the Calim Desert, constantly on the look out for raiders. Slaves, magical items, wine, silk, gems, weapons, and gold find their way throughout Calimshan and to other nations.

You find yourself as a guard for a caravan making the perilous trek from Memnon to the Friary of St Amahl in the Calim Desert. You were hired by a wealthy Calishite, tasked with protecting his son. 

Empire of Sand