Empire of Sand

Fog on the Windward Shore

Having defeated the fire elemental, you brought Danal to the Temple of Denier for questioning and a chat with Tagrid's father before heading to bed for the evening. In Tagrid's mother's coffee shop, you found Mia and a few of her crew members, arguing over payment, as they were not able to unload their shipment in the current economic circumstances. Hitash managed to convince her to continue on to Calimport instead, taking your party on the journey as well. 

The next morning you awoke to the smell of cooking breakfast. Tagrid's mother explained that the coffee crop had miraculously recovered overnight. Stepping out of the coffee shop, you saw a much livelier, cheerful village than the day prior. Street artists and poets were setting up their wares in the courtyards and a troupe of performers was reenacting yesterday's battle. You were informed that the coffee crop this year promised to be the biggest in all memory, and you were asked if your party had a name. You declared it to be the Wutang Clan, because you were "nothing to fuck with". The villagers decided that Wutang Clan Brew would be a perfect name for this year's coming vintage, and the tagline was also perfect. 

You made your way to the docks and set sail once more under Captain Mia. You made good time with smooth sailing until the late afternoon when one of Mia's crew called attention to some dark storm clouds on the horizon. Mia quickly guided the ship towards a safe haven, a small island with a protected cove on a windward shore. You just barely beat the brunt of the storm as the Sandshrew trimmed her sails and laid anchor in the cove. You rode out the storm well and the waters began to calm and the rain slowed. Suddenly, a thick, unnatural fog began to creep up from the water, engulfing the ship in a matter of minutes.

As soon as the ship was enshrouded, six grappling hooks caught hold of the port side of the vessel. A trident shot out of the fog, striking Mia in the chest, causing her to loose control of the wheel. The ship pitched wildly to the side and Hitash barely managed to grab hold of the railing, avoiding being swept overboard. From his vantage point, he could see a creature making its way up the rope. It followed him onto the deck and Hitash saw a slimy, fish like creature snarling back at him. Drumph quickly began cutting some of the ropes. A total of six of the creatures made it onto the vessel – one of them had four arms and another was clearly some type of spell caster. With the help of Mia's crew, you were able to kill all of the creatures, only losing one of Mia's men in the action. 

Though the creatures were all dead, the fog cloud remained. Upon investigating the body of the spell caster, you discovered a small, crystal orb full of swirling fog. Mia, before being led below deck to have her wounds tended to, informed you that pirates often used such objects to ambush ships. She told you that you could either smash it, or wait an hour for the fog to clear. You chose to wait, and the fog did indeed dissipate. Once the air was clear, the Sandshrew set out once more for Calimport.


Since our game has to come to a close soon – around 4ish more sessions to go, I am going to change up how I do xp/leveling up and do it by story advancement. So . . . fuck it, everyone level up to 6. You're welcome. :)


roughly 50gp

a trident

<u>Orb of Fog (homebrew item)</u>

This orb has 6 charges. You can use an action to expend one charge to create a 20ft sphere of thick fog for 1 hour or until dispelled using an action. Every additional charge expended will increase the area of the fog cloud by 20 additional feet. The fog heavily obscures the area and all ranged attacks are made at disadvantage while shooting within/into the fog cloud. The fog cloud can not be moved by the caster, but it can be dispersed by a heavy wind.  The orb regenerates 1 charge/day. 



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