Empire of Sand

Loose Ends

Having collected your handsome reward from Vizier Anders, you hurried to tie up any loose ends before pursuing your next goal – tracking down Damaceus and his captives, Adhem and Tagrid's sister. Your first stop was the Red Stone Spire, residence of archmage Khelben Arunsun. He was eager to assist you in any way he could, including by performing a scrying ritual to attempt to locate Damaceus. He was able to ascertain that Damaceus was travelling by caravan through the desert towards Calimport. When you revealed that you had managed to gain possession of the Efreeti Bottle, he expressed genuine relief and offered to take the dangerous item off your hands until such time it could be either destroyed, or the Efreet released and sent back to its home plane. He took the bottle and locked it into a spell-enforced, diamond containment apparatus. You asked him for any additional support, including if he had a sapphire that would be of a high enough quality to use to re-enchant your previously acquired suit of animated armor. Khelben gifted you one such sapphire and also gave you a Scroll of Scrying.  He ensured you that he would try to assist you in any way possible from Memnon.

Taking your leave of Khelben, you went back to Parvel's to collect your belongings. Upon arrival at your house, you startled a slave-maid who was cleaning up. You dismissed her and pondered what to do about enchanting the armor. Shortly after, Feck the gnomish enchanter appeared – not surprisingly as you had previously sent him to try to fetch a sapphire. Feck produced a small gem. Hitash, through some slight of hand, managed to convince Feck that he had magically enlarged the stone. Feck agreed to try to re-enchant the armor, but told you it would normally take several weeks to do so. He then produced a wand, a little experiment he had been working on, and told you that it may be able to instantly do the enchantment. 

Feck managed to blow up half of your kitchen, but apparently his new wand worked – though there was an unexpected side-effect. The suit of armor, now reanimated, could speak and was sentient, though had no memory of who or what he was previously. Before departing with your new mechanical friend, Feck told you that his brother Fick lived in Calimport and owned a shop called Aquas and Azures which sells gemstones and flying carpets. He also agreed to put some protective enchantments around your house whilst you are away.

On the way to the docks, you picked up your horses from the Caravans Ward and paid a man name Dareth to come tend to them. At the docks, you found a vessel called the Sandshrew, captained by Mia. She agreed to take you on as passengers as far as Al-bier Al-abdi, Tagrid's hometown.

XP: coming on the next installment



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