Empire of Sand

Shopping Sprees and Midnight Meetings

You decided to rest in the oasis during the heat of the day and continue on to Memnon at night. You arrived at the city gates at dawn the next day. Your first order of business was to do some shopping in the Caravan Ward, with Adhem disguised as a priest. Hitash managed to sell one of the horses for a good price by winning a dice game with his loaded dice. After unloading some of your more useless items, you turned your attention to two of the most pressing matters at hand: figuring out what to do with Adhem and finding a way to de-age Tagrid.

To kill two birds with one stone, you paid Tag's sister a visit. She is currently studing to be a healer in the Arcana Ward. On the way, Drumph tried to sell a brass bottle to a potion shop, but the shopkeeper wasn't interested. You went up to Tag's sister's dorm and explained the situation to her and she agreed to hide Adhem, at least for the time being. She also offered to take you to see Damaceus, a powerful mage who runs the School of Transmutation. 

When you met with Damaceus, he ascertained that the aging could not be removed via a spell; however, he told you that a Potion of Longevity may work. Unfortunately, the potion is very rare and expensive. He offered you two, for the low low price of only 8,000 gp each. While he was talking to the group, he used Message to tell Tagrid that he would give him the potions if Tagrid gave him a brass bottle that was in the possession of Drumph. They would make the trade at midnight in front of the Shrine of All Faiths.

After the meeting, you decided to rest in an inn. While everyone was sleeping, Tagrid stole the bottle from Drumph. When Drumph awoke, he realized the bottle was gone and confronted Tagrid. The two got into a heated agrument that turned physical. Drumph grappled Tag and took the bottle back. Drumph demanded a trade of "something you love" from Tagrid in exchange for the bottle. Tagrid gave him a pound of rare, very expensive coffee. While this was happening, Hitash sent Buttles to scout out Bollus Telbet's khanduq. Asad met up with him shortly. 

After Tagrid and Drumph sorted out their issues, they joined the rest of the group to go speak to Bollus. You enter the residence and demand to speak to Bollus. As you approach his meeting chamber, you see a mage dressed in black robes and bearing a black staff exit the chambers. Asad shoved Atala's note into his face and asked about the scorpion seal, to which he replied he didn't know before walking away. 

During the meeting with Bollus, you read him the letter and informed him of his son's death. Bollus seemed genuinely distraught and shared with you another letter, also signed by the Scorpion, that detailed the reason why his son had been taken – Bollus had been interfering in Council business. Bollus explained that he had come to odds with the Vizier of Memnon, Anders Gnarlbach, over the liberties the navy had been taking of late. He asked you to attend a council meeting in two days time and also provided you a nice residence in the Makers Ward.

After checking out your new residence, you decided to do some more shopping. Hitash, Tag, and Asad picked up some new armor and sold off some old weapons in the Smith's Sabban. You then decided to head back to the Arcana Ward to check up on Adhem and update him on the situation. You also picked up some more Healing Potions before heading back to your house.

Asad went to house Elmir and asked for the assistance of one of their mages. Magnus accompained you back to your home and performed an Identify ritual on the bottle. He told you it was an Efreeti Bottle, a highly dangerous and illegal artifact. As midnight approached, Tagrid tried to leave to meet Damaceus, but was stopped by the rest of the party. After a furious debate, you decided to go to the meeting – Tag meeting Damaceus and the rest of you watching from the shadows. As promised, Damaceus was in front of the Shrine, waiting. When Tag asked him about his intentions, Damaceus explained that the bottle had been stolen from a vault under the Guild Arcanum; he didn't want to see the group arrested, so set up this meeting instead. Tagrid handed over the bottle and recieved his potions, which reversed some of the aging. 

You watched Damaceus walk into the Shrine courtyard and then disappear into a mosaic. You decided to follow. You found yourself in a very small, dark room with a door.


Exploring Memnon - 500

Meeting Bollus - 200

RP – 1000

Total: 1700/4 = 425

The puts everyone at 2362 




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