Empire of Sand

The Bit Bandit's Lair

You sped away from the destruction of the [[Friary of St. Amahl]]. Not soon after, Octotillo slows the caravan and begins bearing north, back towards Memnon. You were able to convince him to continue and that you would keep him safe from harm.  He asked for  some sort of insurance in case you were slaughtered by the bandits, and you relinquished a few healing potions and a scroll. As night fell, Octotillo once again halted the caravan, saying he would go no further. He agreed to stay until dawn and gave you a healing potion and the scroll – he kept the more valuable potion for insurance.  Azir and Soseke elected to return to Memnon to spread word of what had happened.

As you crept over the dunes, you saw the cave oasis where the bandits were holing up. Drumph and Tagrid were able to sneak close enough to overhear the conversation of two of the bandits, the female mage and a man. He tried, and failed, to convince her to leave with him before he took off on his horse – straight towards Asad. Asad came face to face with the bandit, who introduced himself as Hitash and insisted he was deserting the Bit Bandits. He informed you that Adhem was badly injured and being denied his medication. He also agreed to help you take out the bandits, as long as you promised not to harm the mage, Jasmal. You agreed, though Asad stipulated that if she became hostile he would neutralize her.

Hitash went back to the oasis and convinced Jasmal to come over to you. Jasmal was a nervous wreck, but was easily swayed to assist – or at least not hinder – your progress. You hatched a plan which involved shoving burning brush into a small ventilation crack on one side of the cave and setting a trip wire and additional fire at the front of the cave. Tagrid cast his unseen servant and bid it to begin untying Adhem. Two bandits, Khmed and Jasir, exited the cave to begin their watch but were quickly ambushed and killed by Asad and Drumph.  A third bandit, out to take a leak, was similarly dispatched. Once the fires were set, it wasn't long for one of them to come up and notice – alerting the others to the fire.

The remaining bandits charged out of the cave, all but one of them tripping and falling into the flames. The leader, Atala, managed to vault over her fallen comrades and immediately spotted Drumph and Asad. She was, however, not much of a match for Asad's keen blade and Drumph's mighty axe. She fled back into the cave as you began hacking at the other singed bandits. Asad, determined not to let her get a hold of Adhem, raced in after her. She was so intent upon stabbing her hostage, that she didn't notice him – until he lopped off her head. The remaining bandits were dealt with – including Atala's right hand man Haseid who had taken an arrow in the rump earlier in combat. The final bandit, just coming out from under the effects of a well-placed sleep spell. You tied him up, hung him upside down from a tree, and tortured him a bit. Confident that he knew nothing of import, you killed him. 

Asad, who had drug Adhem from the cave, began checking him over. The boy was pale and barely breathing – not to mention having lost a lot of blood and a finger. Tagrid healed him with a spell and Asad was able to properly administer his medication.  Inside the bandit's cave, you found  jewelry, a set of dice carved from bone, a silvered dagger, and a scroll of sleep. Drumph began harvesting fingers, which is no doubt when the Ring of Protection was discovered. On Atala's body you found some Bracers of Defense and a letter detailing the plans for Adhem's capture. When Adhem was shown the letter he said, in disbelief, that it looked like his father's handwriting. 

While the cave was being looted, Tagrid decided to tell Ocotillo to get the caravan ready for departure. When he arrived, the wagon, camels, and Octotillo were gone. Asad rode out to look for signs of the halfling, and found some debris and some abnormal indentations and tunnels in the sand. 

You have decided to remain in the cave, at least for the time being. Adhem has seven doses of his medication, enough for the next 4 to 7 days, and you have plenty of water. 


Atala: 450

Haseid (Arrowass):  200

Bandits: 600

Planning: 500

Adhem lives: 500

RP: 500

Total:  2750/4 = 687

This puts everyone at 1037 so . . . LEVEL UP



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