Empire of Sand

A Plot Revealed

After neutralizing the poisoner's den, you collected Merric and the deactivated giant armor, slowly dragging them both back the way you had come. Emerging from the Muzad in the Docks Ward, the realization that Bollus had likely been keeping tabs of you this whole time you've been staying at the house he lent you, you decide it is not safe to return. You quickly decide to head to Pasha Parvel's villa to figure out what to do next. Asad, pulling a stone from his pocket, announces that he has an urgent message waiting for him, and rides off. 

You loaded the armor into a cart and made your way to Parvel's. He greeted you as friends and invited you inside. He seemed genuinely flustered when you told him of what had transpired, and he suggested that you go tell Vizier Anders as soon as possible, ensuring you that he was an honest man. After enjoying a brief moment of rest and a breakfast, Asad returned. He had gathered all of his things and informed you that he would be departing immediately. Drumpf demanded, quite concerned, why he was leaving. Though initially reluctant to divulge his reasons, Asad eventually told you that his father was in ailing health and that he had to depart immediately for Calimport. Before leaving, he gave you his house's message sigil, which will allow you to communicate with him if necessary. You all bid him farewell and he left. 

Parvel, servants with parasols in tow, then lead you to the Gold Sabban. His presence allowed you access all the way through the affluent sabban and to the gates of the Vizier's home, the Firestone Villa. You were granted an audience with Vizier Anders. Present at the meeting were Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, the head mage of the Arcanum; Feck, a gnomish enchanter; Armoria, a silver dragonborn head guard; and an unnamed scribe. Anders listened intently to you story, but warned that such charges levied against a noble required more than just your word. At that, Tagrid dropped his invisibility spell on the wounded Merric. Anders instructed Feck to fetch a cleric.

The cleric, Nadeen, a follower of Tymora, healed Merric and then cast a Zone of Truth spell. Anders questioned Merric, who admitted his and Bollus' involvement. Tag and Hitash both voluntarily stepped inside the circle and gave their testimony again, telling Anders about everything that had occurred, including the kidnapping of Tag's sister and Damaceus's treachery. After this, Anders called his guards to drag Merric off, instructed Khelben to get some mages together to investigate and secure the poisoner's den, and ordered Armoria to send a unit to capture Bollus. Following this, Anders expressed his gratitude and gave you a reward of 5,000 gp, as well as an item from his special collection. 

He led you upstairs and instructed Feck to allow you to choose one item each. The highly excitable gnome happily showed you the collection. From it, Tagrid chose an Ioun Stone of Reserve, Hitash chose a Wand of the Warmage, and Drumph chose a magical Orcish great axe named "Foe Cleaver". Feck tried out a new spell he had been working on, and it allowed you to immediately attune to your new items. This was fortunate, as soon after you heard a loud yell and a bang from the room next to you. 

Drumph charged into the hallway and saw Armoria and another guard struggling to open the locked door in front of her. Drumph charged forward and slammed into the room, splintering the door. Inside, Drumph saw no one but Vizier Anders – clawing at his throat and seemingly fighting off an invisible assailant. The rest of you come around the corner just in time to see Anders get pummeled by something unseen, and the other guard get flung across the room. 

Quick-thinking Hitash cast Faerie Fire, which caused the two invisible entities to be outlined in sparkling pink and purple light. Anders eventually broke the grapple of the entity and the four of you, plus Armoria began to fight the creatures. Hitash determined that they were likely elemental creatures, and not ghosts. Using your new equipment, you eventually were able to defeat the would-be assassins. Tagrid killed one with his magical dagger, and Hitash blasted one with a powerful spell before the frightened Feck entered the room and trapped the entity with a Planar Binding. The elemental, now under the command of Feck, revealed that it had been summoned and commanded by Bollus' court wizard, Margrave. Feck assured you that the entity would return to its own plane and not be a further threat. He dropped the binding and the invisible stalker dissapated.

After receiving some much needed healing from Tagrid, Anders once again expressed his gratitude. At this moment, more guards began pouring in, followed closely by Khelben. Khelben announces that Bollus and his household have been successfully apprehended.  Anders gifted you the house that Bollus had leased to you and bade you to attend the council meeting so that the other members could meet the ones who had saved them. Hitash asks Anders about enchanted armor, but Anders defers to Khelben, who informs you it isn't a terribly difficult process. He also bids you to come visit him at the Redstone Spire in the Mages Ward to discuss the possibility of tracking down Damaceus.  Drumph takes the time to try to flirt with Armoria, who seems mildly interested in his advances and invites you out for a drink sometime.


Using your allies to your advantage: 500xp

2 Invisible Stalker: 4600 xp

Saving Anders: 700 xp

Bringing Bollus to justice: 600 xp

Making friends in high places: 500 xp

RP: 500 xp

Total: 7900/3 =2500 =    6528 total xp for everyone. LEVEL UP!


a sweet house

5,000 gp



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