Empire of Sand

Following breadcrumbs

After exiting the conspirators' hideout, you returned to your house for a rest. Around noontime, Tagrid and Hitash decided to head back to the Arcana Ward to check on Adhem, while Asad and Drumph headed to a fighting pit in the Slaver's Ward so Asad could make some quick cash. 

When Tagrid and Hitash knocked on Almaza's door, there was no answer. The door was unlocked. Some quick investigation discovered some obvious signs of struggle – a tipped over chair and scattered potion bottles.  Tagrid had a quick chat with Almaza's next door neighbor, who revealed that she had heard a scream in the early morning hours. Tagrid used his new sending stone to message Asad, who arrived on the scene an hour later.  When Asad arrived, he was able to find some footprints tracking through the potion remnants on the floor – three sets, likely belonging to Adhem, Almaza, and the unknown assailant.  You put your heads together and deduced that it was likely Damaceus who had done the deed.

You made your way to his office and discovered a note on his door, saying simply that he had to return home because of some family matters. Hitash and Tagrid made use of a clever illusion to break into the office. Damaceus had clearly left in a hurry, but he left no real clues as to his whereabouts. Asad and Drumph decided to ask around and gather some information on Damaceus. They were able to find out that Damaceus was originally from Calimport and that he had no family in Memnon. 

After a while, Tagrid and Hitash joined Drumph and Asad in the street and you began discussing what to do next. As you debated, an assailant crept up behind Hitash, unnoticed. The assassin plunged his blade into Hitash's side and took off down the street. You all gave chase, Asad on his horse and the rest of you on foot. Just as the perpetrator was about to dodge down a narrow alley, Asad struck him with the flat edge of his blade, knocking him unconscious. A crowd began to gather around you as you realized the assassin was a young boy. Tagrid cast invisibility on the boy and cast an illusion of him in the same place. He carefully placed the unconcious body on Asad's horse while Hitash and Asad informed the crowd of what had happened. The city guard was called and arrived on scene. 

Asad mounted his horse and, upon discovering the invisible form, nearly let the cat out of the bag. Tagrid messaged him and informed him of what was happening. Asad took off back to the house while the rest of you dealt with the guards, who had just discovered the illusion. 

Back at the house, Asad messaged Tagrid to tell him to drop the invisibility. He woke the boy up and began to interrogate him. The lad said his name was Oded and that a fat man with a mustache had offered him and his street brothers a hefty sum of money to try to assassinate members of your party. He also said that he was a member of the Parvel Guild, a crime cartel primarily involved in petty street level crime. Asad felt pity for the boy and allowed him to eat some food, and offered him protection.

Hitash mentioned a criminal contact who may be able to provide more information on Parvel. He led you to one of the street level entrances to the Muzad, where you saw a tiefling man named Chance working a gambling table with card and dice games. Chance offered you information, but only if you played one of his games. You would roll the dice three times, the loser for each throw would have to answer a question posed by the other. You managed to win one of your throws and asked Chance for information on Parvel. He answered in convoluted riddles, saying that you were asking about two men – a noble and a crime lord. He said that the crime lord can be found by chasing rats. Asad intimidated him for more information, and he revealed that: "the noble can be found in a house that glows red at dawn and dusk, and that the crime lord can be found anywhere the three fingered hand was adorned. Asad was able to gather that Parvel was a lesser noble who lived in a copper-domed khanduq, and that his criminal guild symbol was a three-fingered hand. Looking around, you saw that you were standing in Parvel's territory. 

Tired of Chance's games, Asad decided to try to find the nobleman's residence. You found it easily and were gained an audience. You entered his audience chamber with Oded in tow and explained the situation. Parvel was genuinely disturbed and remorseful over what happened. You managed to gain his allegiance against Bollus should it come to that, though he cautioned he would not be able to act openly. He also agreed to take on Oded as a servant in his household.

You took your leave of Parvel around dinnertime, still discussing what your next move would be. You decided that you will stay at least until the council meeting.


Memnon PIs (investigating Damaceus): 100

Clever Illusionists: 100

Capturing the would-be assassin: 200

A game of Chance: 50

Friends in High(ish) Places: 200

Child Protective Services (giving Oded the opportunity for a better life): 50

RP: 500

Total: 1200/4 = 300 each

That puts everyone at 3,262.




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