Empire of Sand


You boarded the good ship Sandshrew and began making your way towards Al-bier Al-abdi. On the way, Hitash made himself well-liked among Mia's crew by sharing ale from his alchemy jug. Your newest companion, "Bob" the sentient armor, discovered a great sword hidden within his own leg. With the exception of a bad hangover for Tagrid, the day and a half journey went without incident. 

When you drew closer to the village, you could see the rows and rows of coffee trees which made the village famous. As you came to port, however, you found that something was terribly amiss. The harbor master informed you that, seemingly overnight, all of the coffee trees had mysteriously withered and died, thus putting the village's entire economy at risk. Tagrid made a bee-line for the coffee shop that his mother managed. She frettingly severed you a breakfast of strong, dark coffee, lunch meat, and Timbits – a sort of round, fried dough. You learned that a strange man had come out of the desert a few days past asking some strange questions. This visitor was still making camp in the desert just outside of the village. When she inquired after Tag's sister, he lied and said that she was busy with school in Memnon. 

You headed outside of town and soon came across the tents of the mysterious visitors. There you found some familiar faces – Bardeid Pashar, the Muhadeen whom you had met on your last foray into the Calim Desert, and Azir Jassen, a man who was in the original party tasked with delivering Adhem to the [[Friary of St Amahl]]. Bardeid told you that he was here tracking who he thought to be the person or people responsible for destroying the Friary. You informed him of Damaceus's possible role in this, and he regretfully informed you that even if he rode day and night, he would not be able to catch him before he reached Calimport. Bardeid informed you that he would be departing soon, as his quarry had clearly moved on; he also mentioned that the barkeep at the Malt and Mocha may have more information.  When you told them of what had happened to the coffee crops, Azir offered to aid the village. You brought him to the fields and Tagrid easily convinced the farmers to allow Azir to try his ritual.

You went to the crowded Malt and Mocha where you had a drink and Drumpf roundly defeated his opponent in a drinking game. The barkeeper Arusha, a woman in her mid-40s with an eye for Tagrid, told you that she suspected Danal al-Hared as being behind the current goings on. She said he was bitter about losing his farm; also, that she had seen him meeting with an ill-looking stranger. 

Without much else to go on, you followed this lead to Danal's home. You surrounded it and Drumph and Bob broke down the door. Inside you saw a panicked Danal hastily packing up a backpack, behind him a curious brazier was burning. Danal began calling for aid, but Hitash broke through the window and cast suggestion on him, telling him to cooperate and tell you everything he knew. Danal told you that it wasn't his fault and that he didn't know what he was doing. Pushed further, he admitted that he had received the brazier from a stranger in the Malt and Mocha. When you asked him to show you the brazier, he uttered a command word and a Fire Elemental stepped out of the flames.

The creature quickly ignited the small hovel, severely burning Danal in the process. Hitash pulled the man through the window to safety and the rest of you made your way out of the inferno and into the street. The elemental followed and you engaged it in battle, taking fire damage with each strike. A group of villagers began hauling water out of the well nearby to try to assist you.  Drumph, Bob, and Tagrid wailed on it with blades while Hitash attempted to douse it with water from the alchemy jug. The elemental swung out wildly at your party before turning its attention to the men at the well. Drumph pursued it and killed it before it could reach the villagers – by urinating on it. 

The elemental quickly dispatched, you now see villagers flooding out of their homes to see what all the commotion was.


Fire Elemental: 1800

Confronting Danal: 500 

Helping the coffee farmers: 500

RP: 500

XP from last game

Meeting with Khelben: 200

Enchanting Bob: 500

RP: 500

Total: 4500/4 = 1125 per person, putting everyone at 7650L


Scroll of Scrying



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